Month: October 2012



Your style lives with you forever, and you can prove that on Halloween by dressing as a skeleton with a tailored twist. Get creative and liven up your carcass by sporting your top suit or tuxedo and possibly try out festive colors such as red or orange… TTG



Happy Halloween to you all, and may you all have a safe day. You don’t always have to settle for the typical costumes that are worn every year, try sticking to what you know…suits. Add these accessories to any classic black suit, and you’ll have yourself a stylish Halloween costume that’s sure to turn heads. From David Yurman to Alexander McQueen, these simple additions are certain to get you big screams… TTG



What you carry is just as important as what you wear. The Longchamp “Cavalier” bags are perfect because of their durability and style. With their waxed appearance and cowhide leather makeup, they are the absolute choice for holding necessary items and traveling to the office or gym. The leather material and modern look of the bags accompany any suit, of any color. Which bag could you see yourself holding on to? TTG



If you are out to describe elegance, leave that to the tailor… TTG



If you’re familiar with the Rat Pack then you know that they represented the essence of entertainment, and were apart of an era when tailoring and suits was the essential fashion for the everyday man. The Rat Pack consisted of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop who took over the Vegas strip with their singing, dancing and acting. Although they are remembered collectively for their sharkskin suits, slim ties and fitted dress shirts, the members of the Rat Pack made sure they each had a distinct style. Examples such as Sammy and his pencil thin trousers or Dean with his french cuffs and 3/4 inch front pleated shirts, are examples of how they made individual efforts to make their group one of the best to have done it in entertainment and fashion… TTG

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Protective wear for these harsh conditions is necessary in order to stay dry and warm. Below are the three wardrobe essentials perfect for any storm, the raincoat, the umbrella and a pair of rain boots. All three items should be as functional as they are stylish. Have fun with bold colors, patterns and styles but make it a priority to pick up durable, heavy duty, waterproof items. The diagram provided displays a few fashions from designers who are known for their stylish yet quality products , such as Artic Fox, Longchamp and Hunter… TTG


In light of the current weather conditions wreaking havoc on my beloved city I decided it would be best to send those in the tristate area and surrounding counties a TAKE CARE message. Listen to your city officials and don’t hesitate to relocate when necessary.



Now we have another reason to love Savile Row, Alexander McQueen’s flagship men’s store has recently opened its doors on one of the world’s greatest fashion destinations. 9 Savile Row is now the newest home to Alexander McQueen’s first menswear store, and is nothing short of tailored greatness. McQueen’s use of fabrics such as silk, velvet, wool and cashmere, while still including his trademarked “pagoda shoulders” creates a sense of luxury in the recent collection. From its ready-to-wear suiting and highly fashionable accessories, this store certainly belongs on the infamous tailoring sector better known as Savile Row… TTG



With the new The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 coming soon to theaters on November 16th, the epic Edward vs. Jacob battle continues. Both of the film’s leading men demonstrated off the big screen that they can take a bite out of fashion and wear it well. Edward shows off his bloodthirsty side with this Gucci burgundy, two-button suit on the red carpet. While Jacob keeps warm with a Dolce & Gabana heather grey, notch lapel suit at the “GQ Men of The Year” event. Who’s your pick for most stylish Twilight star? Edward or Jacob?
(L) Actor Robert Pattinson plays Edward, (R) Actor Taylor Lautner plays Jacob.



With an unprecedented total of 76 kills, the fashionable Pierce Brosnan, is considered to be the most deadliest of those to play the famed character and is our fourth featured Bond in our Bond Style Series. Brosnan mercilessly dropped bodies as we dropped our jaws in admiration of his style, from his signature topcoats to his countless suits tailored to perfection. Being in some of the more recent Bond movies, Brosnan wore his suits with a closer fit than his predecessors. To adorn him with suits that met the modern look, the films’ costume designers elected the famed Brioni as the official tailor. Currently the Brioni and Bond relationship continues with the initiation of the most recent Bond and our final feature in our Bond Style Series, ruggedly suave Daniel Craig… TTG

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