Day: October 15, 2012



The last detail on a tailored suit that I will be discussing, is the lining of the jacket. Although you may think that you should only be worried about the exterior of the jacket, you might want to look into making you interior just as stylish. The lining is where art meets fashion, and you will be in control of what masterpiece you would like on the inside of your suit jacket. Be creative and remember that fashion is freeing only when you have fun with it… TTG



The fourth detail on a tailored suit are working or “surgical” cuffs. If you’ve bought a ready-to-wear suit before then you should have noticed by now that the cuff buttons cannot be undone, on a tailored suit that is not the case. The cuff buttons on a tailored suit allow you to undo them and redo them whenever you please, giving them the name “working cuffs.” Most people undo the top button to show that their suit is in fact a tailored one. Now with extra material being exposed you can get creative with what you do with it. Just like in the bottom half of the image where there is a blue, red and white color scheme on the cuff. Get creative and work on your cuffs… TTG



The third detail on a tailored suit that I will be presenting are the hand stitched lapels. There is a distinct difference between lapels being sewn with a sewing machine and ones that are hand stitched, and it can be seen once you are aware of details. By using a different color thread to be sewn into the lapel, it will indeed make your outfit pop. Hand stitched lapels are just another way to personalize your style… TTG



The second detail on a tailored suit that I will be discussing is the contrasting felt under collar. Sewn unto the collar, this material can be of any color that matches well with the suit, while giving it your own twist. You can even take it as far as personalizing the collar with your name, such as the image on the upper right hand side; Another reason to say this suit is YOURS… TTG



The first important detail of a tailored suit that I am going to be discussing is the contrasting lapel buttonhole. They are hand sewn and are typically of a different color than your suit. So take the time out to customize these lapel buttonholes to your liking, and play around with the colors for a more personalized style… TTG