Month: September 2012

Dress the way you would l…

Dress the way you would like to be addressed…



The 2012 presidential debate is just around the corner, and if you know anything about the history of these debates then you understand wardrobe selection is critical. Kennedy vs. Nixon is a great example of the power and influence that fashion holds. Kennedy to the left wore an all black suit that demanded the attention of the audience. On the contrary, Nixon’s suit matched the grey backdrop and lets just say his answers didn’t seem as strong. There was much speculation on whether or not it made a difference, but needless to say, Kennedy went on to win the candidacy. Nevertheless, the question still stands, was it his choice of outfit that made him the winner that night?

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Paris fashion week is coming to a clothes (Ba-dum-tissh!!) and I have chosen the top looks for the Spring 2013 season. Designs from Maison Martin Margelia, Hermes, and Viktor & Rolf Monsieur are all featured in this collage. It seems to be that it’s all about staying cool with 1-2 button suits and switching up your lapel style for a personalized look. Don’t be scared to show a little skin and go for pants with short breaks.

Photo courtesy: Giovanni Giannoni


Trends are never ending and even though Fall just commenced, designers are already thinking about Spring. This very moment is fashion week over in Paris, people are taking notes of future trends, and I suggest you do as well. This outfit is from Hermes 2013 Spring collection and from what I’ve seen, beige/eggshell seem to be the colors up next. If you’re one to jump and buy outfits ahead of time, then this is the perfect moment to think about the future…

Photo Courtesy: Giovanni Giannoni


Burberry gives us a peek into their latest limited edition “Regent Street” collection, in celebration of its newly renovated flagship store. With choices such as their alligator nubuck aviator trench on the bottom left and their military trench on the upper right, Burberry definitely planned on making this Fall 2012 season an interesting one for us to get creative. Which every piece you choose you’re guaranteed to WIN…

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Burberry has newly released their limited menswear “Regent Street” collection for the Fall 2012 season. The famed british label’s exclusive inventory is stocked with uncustomary details and a variety of exotic materials. This image displays one of their pieces that’s guaranteed to have people trying to cop a feel of that alligator skin texture…
This look will definitely separate you from the conventional trench coat wearing fellow… TTG

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Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect.

Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect.



Think you found the perfect suit jacket or blazer? Think again… Your item may have cost a pretty penny but your dull, uninspired buttons can surely cheapen an outfit.
The solution to this fashion taboo? THE TAILOR!
Simply swap the originals for new and improved ones, such as the surgeon cuffs worn by the infamous Nick Wooster, as seen in the photo above. This inexpensive approach will leave you looking like a million bucks with a one of a kind piece… TTG

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Idris Elba, ladies man, winning actor and today’s tailored spotlight is well known for his sharp looks on the red carpet and public appearances. A born Englishman, Elba’s tasteful style is a direct reflection of his hometown – the fashionable London, England. Like his accent he holds the innate ability to switch up his wardrobe choices and selection of suits as featured in the photos above. The picture to the right, Elba takes polished strides in a double breasted suit and dons the more subtle, single breasted suit in the left picture. Cheers to the power of selection.

Know first who you are, a…

Know first who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.