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New York City, major fashion capital of the world, displayed nothing less of greatness during their fashion week ┬áduring the first two weeks of September. The three outfits presented in the image are from designer Michael Bastian, who displayed an exceptional collection for his Spring 2013 line and is also today’s tailored spotlight. His designs definitely make the upcoming seasons one to look forward to and offer an outfit for various occasions. Which one suits you?

Photo courtesy: GQ



Paris fashion week is coming to a clothes (Ba-dum-tissh!!) and I have chosen the top looks for the Spring 2013 season. Designs from Maison Martin Margelia, Hermes, and Viktor & Rolf Monsieur are all featured in this collage. It seems to be that it’s all about staying cool with 1-2 button suits and switching up your lapel style for a personalized look. Don’t be scared to show a little skin and go for pants with short breaks.

Photo courtesy: Giovanni Giannoni


Trends are never ending and even though Fall just commenced, designers are already thinking about Spring. This very moment is fashion week over in Paris, people are taking notes of future trends, and I suggest you do as well. This outfit is from Hermes 2013 Spring collection and from what I’ve seen, beige/eggshell seem to be the colors up next. If you’re one to jump and buy outfits ahead of time, then this is the perfect moment to think about the future…

Photo Courtesy: Giovanni Giannoni