Day: September 27, 2012



Think you found the perfect suit jacket or blazer? Think again… Your item may have cost a pretty penny but your dull, uninspired buttons can surely cheapen an outfit.
The solution to this fashion taboo? THE TAILOR!
Simply swap the originals for new and improved ones, such as the surgeon cuffs worn by the infamous Nick Wooster, as seen in the photo above. This inexpensive approach will leave you looking like a million bucks with a one of a kind piece… TTG

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Idris Elba, ladies man, winning actor and today’s tailored spotlight is well known for his sharp looks on the red carpet and public appearances. A born Englishman, Elba’s tasteful style is a direct reflection of his hometown – the fashionable London, England. Like his accent he holds the innate ability to switch up his wardrobe choices and selection of suits as featured in the photos above. The picture to the right, Elba takes polished strides in a double breasted suit and dons the more subtle, single breasted suit in the left picture. Cheers to the power of selection.