Day: October 22, 2012



For our third James Bond spotlight, we’re going to feature the fashion of Timothy Dalton. Being the fourth to take this role and one of the more relaxed James Bond actors, Dalton pulled off this beige wool gabardine suit in his more successful film, “The Living Daylights”. Wearing a placket front, cream shirt with no tie along with brown slip ons, defined what Dalton was famously known for, being dressed down. Dalton is proof that being tailored, is making sure that what you wear is comfortable for you… TTG



If you’re new to suits and tailoring in general, then here are some basic rules that you might want to follow. Again, it’s all based on preference, so these are not set. This is simply a great starting point for you to build on… TTG

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We’ve received a question on fabric patterns and their names, and how does one recognize it… Well here we have a close up on some of the most popular patterns in men’s fashion. It may take some time to connect what you see here with clothing you see when you are shopping, but have patience. Once you get yourself familiar with this chart and seeing clothes with these patterns, you’ll be able to impress anyone with your newfound knowledge… TTG

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