Day: October 8, 2012



Recently in Major League Baseball news, the New York Yankees started off the American League Division with a win against the Baltimore Orioles. Having watched the game I began to think who I considered to be the best dressed Yankee, and I came to a conclusion that Hall of Famer Joe DiMaggio earned that title. Playing his last game in 1951, he is still remembered to be the quiet slugger with an eye for fastballs and fitted suits. Proof that once again style is recognized and lives forever…TTG

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If you’re into Hip Hop and R&B then you might want to tune into the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards tomorrow. With top nominees such as Kanye West, Drake, J Cole and Jay Z, you can expect to see these guys bring their A game with fashion as they did with their music. The team and I will be covering the red carpet and posting up the winners of the night (despite if they win an award or not). So keep an eye out for who you think is best dressed to chip in when we post up our picks.