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THE POWER OF THE TIE. You might think a neck tie is just another accessory, but if you knew you could send a message through your tie, would you? Neck ties send subliminal messages you are trying to convey without preaching to someone what it is. The color of your tie can be your voice if you choose wisely.
The 2012 presidential debate recently came to a close and it perfectly exemplifies the power of a tie. Obama appeared with a blue polka dot tie and Romney arrived in a red diagonal striped tie.The color red is a powerful color and symbolizes wealth, passion and strength. It’s a tie color you would want to wear to a meeting or any scenario where you are intending to show that “you mean business.” Blue on the other hand is a calming, peaceful and tranquil color. It’s a great color for a tie in which you plan on entering a tense area, but show that you’re cool, calm and collective. Which tie color are you?

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It’s almost time for the 2012 presidential debate and the clock is ticking. As proud owners of these stylish watches, both Obama and Romney understand best the value of time. Obama’s Jorg Gray 6500 Series Chronograph (L) a gift from his secret service, is of stainless steel construction with a black buffalo leather strap. Romney’s Nixon 51-30 Tide (R) is a 3 hand Swiss quartz with a custom solid stainless steal band. Which one is your Presidential wrist watch pick?

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Tonight at 9pm will be one of the most anticipated presidential debates in history. President Barack Obama and candidate Mitt Romney will be going head to head, and the entire country will be watching, eyes wide open. While those eyes are open, be sure to pay close attention to their selection of outfits. As mentioned before in my previous post on Kennedy vs. Nixon, wardrobe selection is an important part of grabbing the attention of the audience. So when you’re listening to what each person has to say, be sure to lookout for who has the most attention grabbing ensemble…

Style is the perfection o…

Style is the perfection of a point of view…



Time for the third suit jacket cut known for its dual vents, that is the “English Cut.” These jackets are well recognized for their tapered sides and thin lapels. English cut jackets are perfect for those trying to look slimmer and taller. Never a bad time to put your wardrobe on a diet…TTG

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Next suit jacket cut we are going to look at is the “Italian Cut.” This one is more versatile to different body shapes, but lack of vents causes you to be less mobile. The extra shoulder padding gives off the image of authority. Go ahead and throw it on, be your own boss…TTG

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Suits are always great to have in your wardrobe, but do you know what kind of suit jackets you own? There are three main cuts for suits, one of them being the “American Cut.” This look is for those looking for comfort and maybe taking the safe route. Is this in your closet?

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Clothes is simply just that… Clothes, but accessories make it an outfit.
I broke down the styles to three separate categories that I believe every man falls into, “Rugged Hipster,” “Urban Sharp” and “Refined Masculine.” From the leather jacket, deep V-neck wearing fellow to the wide spread collar, bespoke suit wearing man, there are options for every man to complete his look.
Where do you fit in? Take a look at the collage and picture an improved you.



New York City, major fashion capital of the world, displayed nothing less of greatness during their fashion week ┬áduring the first two weeks of September. The three outfits presented in the image are from designer Michael Bastian, who displayed an exceptional collection for his Spring 2013 line and is also today’s tailored spotlight. His designs definitely make the upcoming seasons one to look forward to and offer an outfit for various occasions. Which one suits you?

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Get rid of your old laces and throw in some color. This is a great way to mix and match, and get even more creative with your outfits than you already are.

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