Day: October 4, 2012



THE POWER OF THE TIE. You might think a neck tie is just another accessory, but if you knew you could send a message through your tie, would you? Neck ties send subliminal messages you are trying to convey without preaching to someone what it is. The color of your tie can be your voice if you choose wisely.
The 2012 presidential debate recently came to a close and it perfectly exemplifies the power of a tie. Obama appeared with a blue polka dot tie and Romney arrived in a red diagonal striped tie.The color red is a powerful color and symbolizes wealth, passion and strength. It’s a tie color you would want to wear to a meeting or any scenario where you are intending to show that “you mean business.” Blue on the other hand is a calming, peaceful and tranquil color. It’s a great color for a tie in which you plan on entering a tense area, but show that you’re cool, calm and collective. Which tie color are you?

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