Day: October 16, 2012



It’s that time again, the second U.S. presidential debate will be airing tonight at 9 pm sharp ET. This debate, contrary to the previous will be held in a town meeting setting, exhibiting personal interaction between the audience and the candidates. As witnessed in the Kennedy/ Nixon 1960 presidential debate (the first nationally televised debate in our history), a candidate’s fashion choice has an innate ability to powerfully communicate to viewers. Only a smooth, personable and authoritative ensemble will do. A cost efficient suit should also be considered, as it can respectfully demonstrate mindfulness to the delicate economic state of our nation..So be sure to pull up a chair and fulfill your civic duty by watching the debate tonight and witness for yourself the power behind fashion in politics… TTG

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Today’s posts will be about staying warm and tailored. Our first defense against the cold weather will be these ultra-traditional plaid suits and jackets. If you aren’t familiar with the history behind these jackets, then all you need to know is that they’re trending once again. These two plaid jackets are perfect for coverage in low temperatures, and if needed be, layers can be added, linen blazers won’t do this time around. Opt for the suit who’s structure fits you best, and lets face it, they’re all great colors for the Fall… TTG

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Stay warm with this two-toned leather coat. Stay tailored and original… TTG

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