Day: May 20, 2013



Here’s a interesting way to do some Spring cleaning by Bobella. A great guide to open up your closet, you’ll either HANG IT, TOSS IT OR DONATE IT! TTG

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By now I’m sure we’ve engraved in your head the necessary suit colors needed in your closet, well it’s time for a break in order to have a little fun. Get creative with your blazer and select colors that not only go well with your complexion, but also can be matched easily with other clothing and accessories you might have. Noticed we mentioned “blazer” and not an entire suit ensemble, the purpose for that is because having a suit comprised of certain colors might not go too well. You want to be selective about what colors you get for an entire suit, and if you’re not too positive about that, then you can always fall back on the blazer. TTG

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