As mentioned many times before in The Tailored Gentleman Blog, fit is key. If you happened to listen to our advice a little to late, we have a trick for you to pull off the fitted look until you get your dress shirt to the tailor (hopefully). The military tuck is what service men in the armed forces perform in order to get the clean, fitted look while in their uniform. The photo displays an aerial view of a person with a dress shirt on.

Here are 5 easy steps you can use to perform the military tuck:

1) Put on dress shirt and button up.

2) Put on trousers but leave unbuttoned.

3) With your shirt tucked into your trousers, pinch both sides of your dress shirt by the seams, pulling until there is no excess fabric in the front or back of the shirt.

4) While pinching the fabric at the point closest to your body, fold it backwards, leaving no bulge or extra fabric.

5) Make sure the fabric you fold backwards is secure and flat against your body while buttoning and tightening up your trousers. Adjust shirt if necessary to neaten.

Can’t visit a tailor anytime soon? Now you have no excuse not to look tailored. TTG

Photo courtesy: Primer Magazine


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