LARGE: Large body types vary widely. You may be tall with a massive frame or short and heavyset. You’re above average weight or size. If you fall into the latter category, you’ll also be quite wide around your torso.

-Stick to a lot of dark colors, like dark grays, browns, navy, and black. These shades visually reduce a larger body frame.
-Dark-colored clothing should be worn over the areas of your body that protrude the most, such as your midsection or rear, for example.
-The hues and shades in your outfits should all come from the same color family (monochromatic), as too many contrasting shades will seem to cut you in half, emphasizing a large middle and making your legs seem shorter.
-Large patterns only emphasize your heavyset frame.
-Say no yo lightly colored bottoms.

Courtesy: Askmen, Livingfithealthyandhappy

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