TALL: In the West, men whose height is 6’3″ or taller are considered to be tall, whereas in other parts of the world, anything beyond 5’11” is perceived as tall.

-Two general rules apply to fit. 1) avoid clothing that is oversize as it will hang off your body strangely. 2) skip anything that is extremely fitted as it will make you appear awkward if you have a large build or like a beanpole if you’re slender.
-Stay away from cropped jackets, because they cause your legs to look elongated. Making your body look disproportionate.
-Stick to jackets with two buttons, three buttons can cause you to look taller when there’s no need for it.
-For the average-lean build gents, double breasted jackets are a great choice.
-Coats that fall just below the knee (especially belted ones).
-Straight legged jeans or trousers, rather than tapered or boot cut .
-Have a tailor fit your formal clothes, especially if you’re tall.

Courtesy: Askmen, ArtofManliness

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