BODY STYLE TIPS: we will be having a series of tips on how to dress your body type. From short to tall, and from slim to big (heavy set), we will be going through each one extensively. Today we will be starting off with dressing shorter body types . . .

SHORT: defined as 5’6″ and shorter (North America).

-fit is always important, no matter what size you are.
-take your pants and jeans to a tailor, in order to ensure your pants are made to graze the top of your shoe. Also stick to a plain hem, cuffs visually take inches off your height. These two give an illusion of being taller by elongating your legs.
-ask your tailor to set the breast pockets of your shirts higher on your jackets, and your trouser pockets slightly lower for a elongated look.
-make sure your cuffs aren’t too long, only half an inch should be visible under your jacket or sweater.

Courtesy of: ArtofManliness, Askmen

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