Looking to purchase a bag you won’t have to replace within the next two years? Look no further than Filson, quality guaranteed U.S. outfitters and makers of the most durable, water protective bags known to man.

Upper Left- briefcase with gold buckles, made from the toughest leather on the hide. Looks so good you don’t want to break it in too soon, right? Don’t worry, ten years for you to even do so, enjoy.

Upper Right- a field bag Indiana Jones would be proud to take along with him. Not only is it water repellent, but not even your brick load of work can stress the bag’s structure, due to its double bottom. Bottoms up!

Lower Left- with its super resilient material and supportive composition, the duffle also known as the Cinderella of all bags, can handle a tremendous amount of workload, but from how great it looks, you would never know.

Lower Right- this large wool duffle is a classic and deserves to be taken out. Just be sure to make use of its huge capacity while you’re at it.

Photo courtesy: Filson


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