When speaking of stripes, pin are the most popular of the vertical kind (blame the mobster movies of the 1920s), but believe it or not there are other various stripe patterns available. Take for instance, the chalk stripe, a wider, textured alternative to the classic, sometimes excessive pin. Providing a distinguished look to any suit, both patterns are wise choices for the tailored man of today.


1) The pinstripe is a very thin (not wider than about 1/18 inch usually about 1/30 inch wide) single stripe that appears to be a pinhead spot. A single warp yarn is used to create a stripe, and the distance between the stripes usually ranges from 1/10 inch up to 1 inch.

2) The chalk stripe is a series of threads, that is used to create a stripe that resembles a stripe that is drawn with tailors chalk. The stripe does not look like little pinhead spots but much rather like a rope. The width of the stripe varies nevertheless it is always wider than the pin stripe.


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